(CEDITEC) Centro de Difusión de Tecnologías ETSIT - UPM
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(CEDITEC) Centro de Difusión de Tecnologías ETSIT - UPM

Martes, 14 Julio 2020
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The Centre for Technology Diffusion, Ceditec, is part of the Data Processing and Simulation Research Unit (GPDS) in the Technical University of Madrid.

Ceditec maintains an active Technology Watch Programme in Mobile Technologies and Applications, hold from 2004 to date, which includes the generation of a monthly newsletter with a selection of the most innovative services, patents, publications and reports on wireless technologies. Currently, this Technology Watch service has more that 600 users. Apart from that, Ceditec elaborates technology watch and forecasting reports on wireless technologies and mobile services and their application to different domains, such as healthcare, retail security and loss prevention, tourism, intelligent home, etc.

Some information about the Data Processing and Simulation Research Unit

GPDS-Ceditec is a Research Unit of the Technical University of Madrid, hosted by the School of Telecommunications Engineering. It is composed by twenty-five people (6 PhD ? professors, 3 contracted researchers, 1 postdoc visitor, 1 visiting professor, 8 PhD candidates and 6 undergrads). Nowadays GPDS-UPM is focused on the development of advanced mobile technologies and services.
Starting in 1982, the Research Unit has a long story of successful projects with industry and in research cooperation as well. Among its corporate partners, there are companies such as Telefónica I+D, Indra, Siemens, Aena, Boeing, Orange, Eurocontrol, Telvent, CRIDA, Thales or Treelogic.
Current research activity of the Data Processing and Simulation Group includes:

- Architectures for context-aware frameworks.

- Data fusion techniques for reasoning and decision support.

- Context modelling using semantic technologies.

- Indoor positioning algorithms.

- Wireless ad-hoc and sensor networks: positioning and energy efficient routing.

- Technologies for the Internet of Things: light mobile architectures and multimodal interfaces.

- Design and implementation of context-aware services for healthcare and support to independent living.

- Design and implementation of context-aware services for tourism.

- Security and privacy in context-aware systems.

- Forecasting and technology watch in mobile services and technologies.

GPDS-UPM is currently involved in a number of projects related to the development of context-aware technologies and services for different domains.

In addition to these lines of research, GPDS-UPM has a wide expertise in issues related to air traffic control and a long portfolio of international projects in this area of knowledge.