(CEDITEC) Centro de Difusión de Tecnologías ETSIT - UPM
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(CEDITEC) Centro de Difusión de Tecnologías ETSIT - UPM

Sunday, 15 September 2019
Active Research Projects PDF Print E-mail
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GPDS-Ceditec is currently involved in a number of projects related to the development of context-aware technologies and services for different domains. Some of them are:

AmIVital (Digital Personal Environment for Healthcare and Wellbeing) is a project which aims at developing technology to support independent living for elders and disabled people. It focuses on the development of ambient-aware telehealth systems and involves 20 partners (2007-2010). GPDS-UPM supports the design of AmIVital?s architecture (especially, those aspects related to context-aware modelling and reasoning) and also the design and implementation of the sensing framework.

MADRINET (Multidisciplinary Advanced Research in User-Centric Wireless Network Enabling Technologies) is a four-year research programme (2006-2009) that aims at advancing the key elements in frontier communications, location and sensor fusion technologies and at conceiving and developing advanced wireless applications and ambient intelligence services. GPDS-UPM works on the development of data fusion algorithms for indoor positioning and in wireless sensor networks (with motes and other devices).


COLOCAME (2006-2009) and LOCATIL (2008-2011) are two research projects led by GPDS-UPM which are driven to study the cooperative use of communication and identification technologies (Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee, UWB, RFID, inertial systems, etc.) in order to enhance positioning strategies and context acquisition in wireless devices. Different application domains, such as tourism, healthcare and ambient assisted living support are explored in these projects.


PIRAMIDE (Personalizable Interactions with Resources on AMI-Enabled Mobile Dynamic Environments) joins seventeen companies, research centres and universities during the period 2007-2011. It is focused on developing the concept of ?the internet of things?; the main objective of the project is to develop new ways of interacting with the environment using the communication and sensing capabilities of the mobile devices. GPDS-UPM participates in a) the development of positioning algorithms, b) the design of new modes of interaction through the use of inertial systems embedded in the mobile devices and c) the development of light context models and architectures.

In addition to these lines of research, GPDS-UPM has a wide expertise in issues related to air traffic control and a long portfolio of international projects in this area of knowledge.